creating and maintaining a professional website

Improving over several iterations of is how I got back on the web administration/design horse after so many years (and writing HTML on notepad).

So I had some fun recapping HTML5 and JavaScript and learning Django, JQuery and Bootstrap. But now I needed to create and maintain a professional website given an actual deadline!


This is one of those things in which you just have to immerse yourself and persevere. Some things will annoy the hell out of you, but the challenge (and reward!) is finding a cleaner and more elegant approach at every turn.

My advice: exploring the resources below, start with Codecademy's HTML & CSS course, then move to Bootstrap (responsive design is amazing) and finally Django (Python web framework? Yes, please!). You'll likely have to learn a few things about Apache too, if applicable, like how to use .htaccess to only serve pages over TLS.

jQuery is fun to learn (super annoying to type, especially for Python folk), but I ended up replacing 99.9% of it with Bootstrap and CSS, since CSS3 and HTML5 provide excellent (and lighter!) animation support without JavaScript. Bootstrap makes it all easily available.

Finally, StackOverflow is your friend in every occasion: be it Django, HTML, CSS or even Bootstrap.